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Python Autonomous Agent Infrastructure

Python Autonomous Agent Infrastructure   

pyagent is an infrastructure for independent agents. pyagent provides a simple, open infrastructure for intelligent agents. pyagent is based on Frederik Lundh's implementation of XML-RPC.

There are many agent frameworks available. Try searching SourceForge for 'Intelligent Agent'.

For a good overview check out the MIT Media Lab Software Agents Group.

Also, IMHO the Redfoot project is a good start on distributed AI.

So why should we clutter up the noosphere with one more version? Mostly because we already have it. pyagent comes from a refactoring of the agent infrastructure for our website load testing application,

We think you should try pyagent because it's easy to use, it's robust, and we have a strong incentive to keep improving and supporting it.

Contact: Doug Fort
Senior Meat Manager
Downright Software LLC

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